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What is SASS Mounted Shooting? Think of a cowboy or cowgirl atop a 1,200 pound horse, six guns a blazing while galloping through a patterned course of fire, and you may get the mental image of a cowboy action mounted shooter. SASS mounted shooting is a direct spin-off of Cowboy Action Shooting.
Mounted shooting is a sport that combines elements of old-time Wild West Show exhibition, along with the elements of barrel racing, pole bending, reining, and many other equestrian skills; all done while using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, loaded with 5 rounds each of black powder blanks to shoot ten balloon targets set in a special random pattern or Old West type scenario called a 'stage'. Typically, a competitor crosses the timing beam and engages the first pattern of five targets. After a shooter fires the fifth shot, he or she returns the empty revolver to a holster and proceeds to the next set of five targets. Mounted shooters are timed through the stage determining raw time plus any penalties incurred; for instance, 5 seconds added to raw time for knocked over barrel, dropped gun, missed target. The contestant with the fastest accumulated time wins.

In this equestrian sport, the mounted shooters of the Single Action Shooting Society take on the use of an alias. Your alias is like a western livestock brand, registered and becomes your trademark. Names like 'Nickel Creek Cowboy', 'Calico Star', and Chief of Scouts', are an example where folks dress the part, act the part and become that person. It is a liberating part of the experience of stepping back in history and playing cowboys and Indians for real.
There are Divisions 1-5, Ladies 1-5, Junior, Senior Limited, Senior Open, Junior and Cart Divisions in SASS Mounted Shooting. Each competitor enters the sport at the Division 1 level and moves on up through the levels as experience competence and skill are achieved. As with all sports sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society safety is First, Last and Always! The SASS MRO I and MRO II courses and the SASS Mounted Rulebook have been developed to provide rules and guidelines for the equestrian sport of SASS Mounted Shooting.
Mounted Shooting is open to all SASS members and all breeds of equine animals. Mounted shooting is a fantastic family fun sport and serves to keep the Old West alive in all genres. The west was a dangerous, mysterious and yet romantic time of our American culture, and continues to capture the imagination of all. There are many mounted shooting clubs throughout the nation striving to build this great sport, provide an opportunity for horseman and their families, as well as demonstrate safe use of firearms.
SASS produces major championship competitions and provides a central communication point for its global membership. The Single Action Shooting Society wants you to become a part of history and join in the experience of participating in SASS Mounted Shooting!



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