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From its humble beginnings several years ago, this annual gathering of trail advocates, trail volunteers, trail managers, public agency officials and trail planners and policymakers has grown to include hundreds of participants. Every year, the Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) increases its influence in bringing the horse trail world together to help understand, shape and solidify trail policies and agency-user cooperation.

Learn how to effectively work with land managers. Learn trail design and construction. Discover great places to ride/drive in the Southeast. Find out how to handle trail issues. Learn the whys and wherefores of trail using, maintaining and building.

The idea of a meeting of equestrian trail minds throughout the Southeast grew several years ago (2000) with an initial conference at Clemson University. SETC stayed at Clemson until 2003, at which time it started its rotation around the Southeast. Florida started the rotation July 2003. The SETC now includes 14 states whose horse equine trail organizations meet to learn from one another as well as agency and professional trail personnel. A wide mix of participants and different user groups brings to the forefront trail issues at every level, and the event has grown to national importance. The Federal Highway Administration has supported the conference from the beginning and recognizes it as the only national conference with this scope. The purpose of SETC is to bring together people who are concerned about the future of the natural and cultural heritage of the trail experience from the back of a horse. SETC strives to foster equestrian self-evaluation, learning and the development of a conservation force that will influence land-use policies at local, state, regional and national levels.



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