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Hunters Start at 8:30 am. 1.Hunter In Hand 2.Walk Pleasure 3.Walk Equitation 4.Walk Trot over Groundrails over poles 5.Walk trot over Groundrails over poles 6.Walk trot over Groundrails under saddle 7.Crossrails over fences 18 8.Crossrails over fences 9.Crossrails under saddle 10.Beginner Hunter over fences 2 11.Beginner Hunter over fences 12.Beginner Hunter under saddle 13.Intermediate Hunter over fences 23 14.Intermediate Hunter over fences 15.Intermediate under saddle 16.Low Hunter over fences 26 17.Low Hunter over fences 18.Low Hunter under saddle Open Show classes start No earlier than 12:30 (May be later) 19.Halter Mares * 20.Halter Geldings* 21.Mini Horse Halter 22.Gaited Horse Halter 23.Open Halter* 24.Youth Showmanship* 25.Open Showmanship* 26.Leadline* 27.Open Walk Pleasure * 28.Open Walk Equitation * 29.Open Walk Jog/Trot Pl. * 30.Open Walk Jog/Trot Equitation * 31.Open Walk Jog/ Trot Horsemanship* 32.Youth Western Pleasure 33.Adult Western Pleasure 34.Open Western Pleasure 35.Youth Horsemanship * 36.Adult Horsemanship* 37.Open Horsemanship* 38.Pony Western Pleasure 39.Jr. Horse Western Pleasure 40.Sr. Horse Western pleasure Gaited Horse Classes Starts No earlier than 4:30 pm May be later (May be under the Lights) 41.Youth Plantation Pleasure Walk and running walk only 42.Adult Plantation pleasure Walk and running walk only 43.Open Plantation Pleasure 44.Open Walking Horse Country Pleasure Walk& Running 45.Open Country Pleasure Walk and Favorite gait 46.Open Mountain Pleasure (Show walk, Mountain Pl.Trail) 47.Open Rocky Mountain Pleasure 48.Open Paso Performance (Corto, Largo, Walk) 49.Open Paso Fino Pleasure (Corto, Largo, Walk) 50.Open Gaited Horse Pleasure Walk, Running Walk 51. Open Gaited Horse Equitation Walk, Running Walk Break to set up Barrels (May be under the Lights) 52. Open barrels* 53.Open Poles*



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