and the Corny Creek Team has been breaking, training & finishing horses in western, english and performance for the past 40 years.

Keith is a retired 7 time bull riding champion and Bronc, Trick Rider. He specializes in Colt Starting, Western Pleasure and Trail Riding with emphasis on correctness of movement by instilling confidence in your horse through calm, quiet and consistent training methods. View his titles & history



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MARK LYON is a horse trainer in the Omaha, Elkhorn, NE and Council Bluffs, IA area. Mark specializes in common sense Natural Horsemanship using California Hackamore Reinsman methods. Vaquero Buckaroo traditions help you and your horse communicate together. Get back to pure horsemanship with simplicity and without gadgets.

Mark was selected to compete in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover. He was one of 200 trainers in the nation to receive a untouched mustang, work with it for 100 days and transport it to FT Worth TX and show it to see which trainer could do the best job transforming their wild horse into a partner you would love to own. Mark and his mustang Christian won the championship round despite the saddle slipping off.
Click here to watch their run Mark and Christian just competed in the freestyle competition at the Sun Circuit in Scottsdale AZ. They finished second. The winner was a wonderful dressage horse which bested them by half a point, more details to follow on the training page.

Mark and Christian are now headed to the 2009 Road to the Horse to compete against Tommy Garland in a head to head horsemanship Competition.

Horse training services include
colt starting, problem solving, private riding lessons and clinics Contact Mark

JAMES MORGAN is a horse trainer, located in Bennett, Colorado.  As a lifetime student of natural horsemanship, James regards every experience as an opportunity to learn and positively impact a horse's life. 

James specializes in colt starting, roping horses, recreational horses, and performance horses.  Other services include trailer loading, problem solving, western riding and roping lessons.

Ranch in Era (north of Denton). We are now taking in selected horses for training. we have backgrounds in both english and western. mainly ranch work(actual working ranches), with a concentration on all lateral movements, roping, gathering, safety indoors and out. Have lived and worked for Ray Hunt for a year and your horse will get time with Ray. an unbelievable deal to those who know who he is. if you dont he is the godfather of what people call natural horsemanship, and was doing clinics before clinicing was even called that. i just call it common sense. we will take colt starting, problem horses, behavior issues, or if you just want some more time on your horse. we have cattle, trails, mechanical cow, indoor arena, box stalls, runs, and pasture. $500/month (+125 for feed). you wont find a better deal for price and quality. please email if interested.

EMILY KEMP Colt starting is all about presenting new experiences to the young horse in a way that will allow him to turn loose-  accept and relax. New experiences will include: humans, the saddle, the rider, the bridle, a trailer, clippers, wash bays, dogs, vehicles, and anything else a horse might encounter in a human environment.

Ten years ago I embarked on a lifelong horsemanship journey. I have traveled the country to study with some of the best horsemen in the world in a variety of philosophies and disciplines. I invite you to read about my journey and training.

I currently live in Jackson, Wisconsin, where I train horses and help owners to achieve higher levels of understanding and skill with horses through natural methods. I provide customized training programs to match each horse and lessons to match each rider.

The use of force, fear, or intimidation has no place in this process.  Each day of training prepares the colt for the next day in building a partnership and foundation for the future.

TOM DAVIS - Do you need horse training and Colt Training Solutions. Visit a Tom Davis Horsemanship Clinic - check out for the latest Schedule and DVDs Tom Davis is The Horses Solution. Tom Davis with his wife Traci Davis own and opperate TnT Ranch in Orka Texas where they raise Dynamite Equine and Bovine. AQHA Horse and Corriente Roping cattle. Standing at stud at TnT Ranch is Little Playboy RB an own son of Freckles Playboy. At TnT Ranch we offer weekend horsemanship lessons that include lodging and meals and even spa treatments to help you relax after riding all day. We also sell Saddle barn Tack and western Home decor and many other great items. Come check us out any time Horse Training/ Colt Starting~ Tom Davis Horsemanship

FERDINAND SANTANA is gifted with an uncanny ability to accurately read horses and a profound wisdom that allows him to adjust training methods to the individual horse. Using mild mannered, soft spoken techniques, he has been training all breeds of horses for more years then he can remember. And he enjoys them all! Out in the the middle of nowhere in southern Colorado Ferdinand developed his horse business that involved a clientele of people from the nearby states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma and as far as Illinois, Tennessee and California. He has cowboyed on some prominent ranches in the Southwest.

"Everyone can benefit and every horse can benefit from my training, no matter what the discipline. Thru my training methods your horse will do everything better, because he will feel more secure and confident with the world that he lives in, and thru instinctive behavior and learned behavior he will learn to be your willing partner and team player."

ED DABNEY - The mission of Gentle Horsemanship is to assist horses and their owners in having a more safe and pleasant life together by establishing a relationship of mutual respect and trust through the use of gentle communication.

TRAVIS BRUCE - Balanced progression and development in horse and rider through exercises that stress: Willingness, Confidence, and Respect.

JERRY TINDELL -Teacher and Trainer of Horses, Mules, & HumansTindell's Horse & Mule School will help you build a safer, more confident and more effective relationaship with your horse or mule. Learn to communicate more effectively with your horse or mule. There are a number of people out there offering the same words....the difference is that Jerry doesn't get so impressed with himself that he forgets he is supposed to be teaching."

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