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Corny Creek Transporting is based out of our North Carolina working horse ranch where we have been training and shipping champion horses for the past 30 years. We are proud to announce our lead trainer Jennifer has trained 7 AQHA horses for NRHA which are competitively showing and currently winning in events around the USA. We also take great pride in being ranked #1 for quality, safe and dependable horse shippers on various shipping boards with 100% positive feedback for moving horses and dogs to events, training clinics, horse shows and private homes.



Video Monitors are mounted in all our trailers so drivers can keep a close watch on horses during transport to ensure they are safe and sound while in motion. All CC drivers come with 30 years experience in the pro rodeo circuit, own one or more horses at our CC ranch and have worked as horsemen breaking and training horses for atleast 5 years. This helps ensure your horse or pet is in qualified hands by a caring horseman and not just a delivery driver. We provide fantastic deals if you need a pet moved along our current routes and yes we offer multiple discounts.
Our lead hauler Keith is a retired 7 time pro bullriding and bronc riding champion with 40 years extensive livestock handling and training skills. He has also worked and competed as a trick rider. He specializes in Colt Starting, Western Pleasure and Trail Riding with emphasis on correctness of movement by instilling confidence in horses through calm, quiet and consistent training methods.

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TRUCK EQUIPPED with onboard live weather radar for Tornado and Wind Shear Detection. Also webcam to monitor horses live enroute.

OUR TRAILERS ARE EXTRA BIG and built for Percherons and draft horses so your TB or tall Quarter Horse is sure to have plenty of room! We also have box stalls available for Mare and Foals. We scrub our trailers inside and out after each trip and ALL pets are required to have proper state health documentation before getting loaded. We have a new fleet of trucks and trailers which are SATELLITE TRACKED BY OUR CC OFFICE. Food and drinking water are provided constantly enroute to keep your horse content and horse treats are provided at each stop unless you indicate otherwise. Each of our trailer floors have one inch thick rubber floor mats plus 5 inches of high quality pine shavings on top of rubber to ensure your horse has a smooth ride.
  • SHIPPING BOOTS optional - Horses that are not used to wraps or boots tend to try to remove them and find them irritating, causing a worse reaction than if they didn't wear them at all.  Horses that are used to them, of course, do fine. Be careful with how tightly you wrap them. If you plan to use wraps try to get the horse used to them prior to the day of pickup.
  • COGGINS TESTS required - Generally they are good for 6 months to a year depending on the state. This can be answered by your vet. It is best to have your horse's coggins be under 6 months. It is likely your horse will be traveling through states that require that your coggins be under 6 months. Coggins take anywhere from 2 days to 7 days to get the results back from the lab. If you are in a hurry most vets can put a 24 hr. rush on a test.
  • HEALTH CERTIFICATES required - In most states a health certificate is only valid for 30 days.
  • HAY BALE optional - Whenever shipping your horse you should provide whichever type of hay your horse is used to eating to the shipping service so they can keep your horse on its usual diet during the trip. A general rule is 1 bale for each day of transit time + 1 bale so the new facility can mix some in with your horses new hay from the region it will be delivered. Sudden changes of diet on a horse can result in medical issues which can be life threatening.

    We allow up to 2 bales of hay free of charge to be included with your horse shipment. If none is provided we will feed your horse whichever hay we have on board but we are not responsible for any issues which may arise from the sudden switch in diet. If you choose to use our hay during the trip we cannot guarantee which type hay we will have on board as we pickup various brands depending on the region we are in at the moment.

  • HALTER & LEAD ROPE required - Every horse loaded onto our trailer must have a halter to attach a lead rope. Once inside our trailer the horse will be secured via a breakaway tie for your horses protection. Large horses should not be allowed to roam in their stall unsecured as it is a stability issue even for large trailers such as we use. Unsecured horses are also a hazard to their own safety as well as other horses on the trailer. The lead rope will be used once again to remove the horse from the trailer. Try not to buy a brand new rope for the journey but rather one that the horse is used to and has been used a while with that horses scent. The familiar smell of ranch and horses on a lead rope may help that much more to make your horses journey a stress free experience.
  • DEPOSIT required - regardless of the shipping price all we require to book a reservation is $60 which is fully refundable as long as cancellations are made within 5 days of shipment date.
  • PRIORITY BOOKING optional - 50% advance payment of your shipping quote reserves you a guaranteed spot on our trailer on a specific date. PLUS Your horse shipment is insured with our Emergency Transport & Mechanics Network which has on call mechanics to have truck issues resolved within 6 hours or replace truck with loaner dually to keep your horse moving on its delivery. NOTE: all our trucks are new but with valuable cargo such as horses on board an emergency plan should always be in place in case of vehicle breakdowns. priority booking is fully refundable even if cancelled on same day of shipment date, less $60 deposit if cancellation occurs within 5 days of shipment date.
  • DISCOUNT BOOKING optional - 100% advance payment gets you priority booking status PLUS 5% discount off quoted price.
  • TRAILER PRE-TRAINING optional - If your horse is not used to loading onto trailers or has not done it in a while try to spend a week or two prior to the shipping date taking your horse into a trailer where snacks or hay is provided to him as a reward after stepping inside. Keep the experience as stress free as possible. Stress is considered heavy sweating or any actions putting you or your horse at risk of injury. If you cannot get your horse to load without stress stop the attempts as bad experiences is worse than no experience at all.

    Even if your horse is used to walking onto a trailer relaxed with you by their side we ask you let our shipping handlers lead your horse into the trailer for a number of reasons but primarily
    for the following reason.

    Your horse will be loading into an unfamiliar trailer with unfamiliar horses and they WILL LIKELY display signs of mild stress which need be firmly and calmly redirected to the task at hand of getting tied to their stall. ANY sense that you are not at ease or worse, sensing FEAR from you due to their possible acts of hostility to the other horses without being immediately redirected (without emotion) to the task at hand can cause a fight or flight reaction resulting in extreme danger to their self and all others in the immediate area. Due to this risk we ask you let our handlers take your horse into the trailer since they have been conditioned over the years to react naturally both emotionally and physically to your horses potential violence with calming redirection even in the face of potential physical harm.

EQUIPPED with MapQuest Send to eNav Feature watch video EQUIPPED with Garmin GPS Traffic Navigation with Traffic Alert which gets constant live updates of traffic flow 30 miles ahead to avoid traffic jams.  View the demo Voice Command Route Directions In Dash Display

EQUIPPED with Weather Worx live weather radar with lightning strike display and tornado tracking The StabiliTrak System is an advanced computer controlled system that can help the driver maintain directional control of the vehicle in difficult driving conditions. EQUIPPED with XM NavTraffic

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which can help reduce the number of fatalities, injuries and property damage due to high-speed pursuits of stolen vehicles. Truck equipped with hands free calling - live vehicle diagnostics - turn by turn nav system - emergency assist - remote unlock



Include shipment dates, type of horse, size, age, tack to be included, special diet?, gelding-mare? etc.

Keith (shipping) 540-903-5235 or Jennifer (boarding) 919-268-5179





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If you need your horse shipped outside our service area we have a large network of reliable and reasonable nationwide horse shippers which our clients use for sending horses to our clinics from cross country. Check with us first for best rates on cross country shipments and we do not have a direct route we can put you in contact with one of our contract carriers to provide a great rate. You can also check with the other fine carriers which friends of ours have used below.


CORNY CREEK IS NOT A BROKER and assumes NO LIABILITY for the companies listed below. They are listed strictly as a helpful tool in finding the best match for your shipment needs and are not listed in any particular order of preference. We hope you find this list helpfull.


Trailhead Trucking, Riverton, Wyoming.  Phone: 307-856-0397, Email:, Website: www.trailheadmorgans.comServing USA.  We are a caring family based business with over 35 years of experience in raising, handling horses and livestock and in the transportation business.  We are DOT compliant and carry cargo insurance.  We off a door to door service, with nationwide coverage.  We currently have 2 semi-trucks with cattle/hog trailers and a 6 horse fully enclosed, slant load horse trailer with loading ramps and stud dividers.  Water and hay will be available at all times for horses, with stops for rest every 3 to 4 hours.  A courtesy call to owners on a daily basis with updates is provided.  Give us a call or email us for a quote!  DOT# 1195896, MC/ICC# 477042.

Circle S Horse Transport, Reddick, Florida.  Phone: 352-425-5912, Email:, Website: www.circleshorse.comServing 48 states of USA.  DOT licenced and insured including cargo insurance. Visit our web site and let our references speak to our services.  Customers say it best.  DOT# 1292358, MC/ICC# 573890.

Cowboy J's Transporters, McDonough, Georgia.  Phone: 678-643-2995, 770-363-5810, Email: stone2158@yahoo.comServing nationwide USA.  Family owned equine transportation company in business for over 25 years.  Your animal's safety is our primary concern.  We specialize in expedited hauls.  Nationwide and local deliveries/pickups welcome.  We are equipped to handle last minute hauls, dedicated hauls, relocation hauls, swap hauls, show and rodeo hauls and any other hauls to meet our customer's needs.  Dispatcher available at all times.  Discounts available for multiple hauls.  Very competitive rates.  COD required.  Boxed or unboxed trailers available.  Experienced in hauling other livestock and large fowl.  References available upon request.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Lone Star Ranch/Transport, Commerce, Georgia.  Phone: 706-202-4365, Email:, Website: www.LSRhorses.comServing all 48 states of USA.  Lone Star Ranch is a family owned ranch in north Georgia specializing in horses for the beginners.  We transport in a 6 horse slant all aluminum Featherlite, padded walls, floor, on board water system, full length dividers, safe dependable horse transport.  May God Bless Your Horse Adventure!!  DOT# 961125, MC/ICC# 0000.

Parlier Trucking, Denver, North Carolina.  Phone: 704-477-6061, 704-483-5548, Email: Parlierj@bellsouth.netServing USA.  Are you still in need of someone to transport your horse?  We would like to assist you if we can.  We are horse owners and lovers ourselves with 27 yrs experience in the transportation business.  We maintain safe and reliable equipment, and provide you with up dates from pickup to delivery.  We know what matters most to our customers is the quality care we give to your horse and the service provided to you.  Please contact us if we can be of service.  Thank you, Jimmy Parlier,, 704-477-6061 cell, 704-483-5548 home.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

National Equine Transportation, Joshua, Texas.  Phone: Office 817-219-0490, Fax.817-556-9696, Email:, Website: www.nationalequinetransport.comServing Midwest to Florida.  N.E.T. is proud to offer over twelve years experience in the multiple rig horse transportation industry,providing reliable twice monthly routes to Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Florida from our hub in north Texas.  We also provide affordable exclusive charters for multi-horse packages.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Mari Worley  Worley's Hauling  P. O. Box 1525  Corbin, KY 40702
606-526-9408 office  606-524-HAUL mobile We are a family owned and operated company that has been transporting horses professionally for over ten years specializing in "special needs horses" including foals, weanlings and yearlings as well as other horses with special needs due to age, diet, blindness or crippled limbs. We are set up
to transport donkeys, ponies and miniature horses as well as full-sized horses, llamas, alpacas, ostriches and other exotic animals. We believe in direct, quality transport. We transport throughout the United States taking care of every horse we transport as if it were our own. Your horse's health and safety is our number one priority!

D & D Horse Transport, Oakdale, California.  Phone: 209-568-6624, Email:, Website: www.ddhorsetransport.comServing USA.  D and D Horse Transport prioritizes the care of your horse!  We have been in business for over 20 years.  Horse's are our life.  Moving your horse no longer needs to be a stressful event for the horse or for you.  We understand how to care for horses under the special circumstances of horse shipping.  This is vitally important to your horse's trip and to your peace of mind.  We offer overnight stops off the trailer and professional care.  We now have video monitoring.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Yosemite Equine Services, CA, Vicky Vaughan & Sandy Blondell,
AAA Quality Horse Transfer, Beaumont, Texas.  Phone: 800-962-2730, Email:,  Website: www.qualityhorsetransfer.comServing all of USA.  We are a family-operated, Texas-based transport company with 14 years' experience.  Quality Horse Transfer provides coast to coast service at the highest standards of care. We are experienced professional horsemen, operating clean and well maintained equipment.  DOT# 000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Pure Pleasure Horse Transport/a division of Pure Pleasure Horse Farm, LLC, Owensville, Missouri.  Phone: office 573-437-3113, mobile 573-259-3547, Email:, Website: www.PurePleasureHorseTransport.comServing the lower 48 states and Alaska since 2002.  Farm/office location is 85 miles west of St. Louis, MO on Interstate 44 exit 208, Highway 19 and 12 miles north.  We are in full compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and fully insured.  Our drivers are experienced horse men and women who practice natural horsemanship techniques.  Patience and calm handling will make your horse's trip virtually stress free.  Always clean and comfortable.  Top of the line equipment, exceptionally maintained to minimize break downs and delays.  Direct ship to minimize the time on the trailer.  Overnight accommodations available at your request and as necessary.  Feeding the best timothy and brome hay available.  Honesty, integrity and dependability.  Our Mission: To provide quality equine transportation and exceptional service to our customers in a professional manner and at a fair price.  We would like to thank you for considering our company and look forward to serving your equine transportation needs in the future.  DOT# 1651596, MC/ICC# 608345.

Wishing Well Arabians, Mena, Arkansas.  Phone: 479-234-1491, Email:, Website: www.wishingwellarabians.comServing all of USA.  We provide the most reliable transportation available anywhere.  Our ONLY priority is the safe and comfortable transport of your horse.  We are specialists in the transporting of your best friend - your horse, show horse, geriatric and rehab horse.  Exotic animal transportation available.  Coast to coast service available.  We offer competitive rates and provide the highest quality door-to-door service available.  We offer frequent updates while enroute and encourage you to contact us enroute anytime if you have any questions or concerns during your horses haul.  We look forward to working with you for all your equine transportation needs.  All trailers are air ride with video surveillance.  Slant, reverse slant, and box stalls available.  Hay available free choice during trip.  Water available free choice during trip.  We can always be reached by cell phone.  Credit cards accepted.  No upfront deposit required.  References available upon request.  DOT# 000, MC/ICC# 000.

R/B Equine Transport, Sanger, Texas.  Phone: 940-458-5973 home/fax, cell: 503-428-6048, cell: 503-881-1981, Email:, Website: www.rbpainthorses.comServing western USA and beyond.  Quality horse transportation by professional horse person.  Standing 3 APHA stallions and have quality Paint horses for sale.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Double M Transport, Canton, Georgia.  Phone: 678-386-5281, Email: DoubleM1003@yahoo.comServing USA/Canada.  We have a decade of experience working with horses.  We have a new Dodge Ram 3500 Dually and a new three-horse Bloomer trailer. We offer very reasonable rates and assure the safety and well being of every horse.  Double M Transport is also commercially licensed and insured for everyone's peace of mind.  We also recently installed full video monitoring.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

4 Rail Horse Transport, Larchwood,  Iowa.  Phone: 712-477-2030 (home), 605-212-8916 (cell), Email:, Website: www.4railhorsetransport.comServing all of USA. I am the owner/operator and I will be the one delivering your horse.  This is not a large transport company.  That's one of the reasons I have many repeat customers.  I take very good care of the horses I transport.  I do overnight stops in which the horses are stalled for the night.  Please visit my website for more details.  Excellent rates and references, 40 years experience with horses.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Don Lockwood Horse Van Service, Auburn, Washington.  Phone: 206-909-4685, Email:, Website: www.horsehaul.comServing all of USA & Canada, weekly trips to California and East Coast.  We have 15 horse air ride vans, Kentucky style.  We have been in business for 20 years and pride ourselves in care of your livestock.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Painted Oaks Transport, Lake City, Florida.  Phone: 386-754-0905, Email:, Website: all of USA nationwide and air transport.  We are a transport company located in North Central Florida.  We haul nationwide as well as daily trips throughout FL, AL, GA, MS and SC.  We have 4 horse and 6 horse trailers available.  We are breeders of barrel & racing horses and stand our own stallion so we know what shippers expect of a hauler.  We treat your horses the way we would our own.  We have been in the horse business for over 25 years.  Our telephone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have or to quote you a rate.  Also see our other website  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Teeples Beeline Horse Transportation, South Jordan, Utah.  Phone: 801-446-7723, 888-583-9575, Email: teeplesbeeline@hotmail.comServing western USA.  Owner/Operator has been transporting horses for over 15 years.  We have regular scheduled trips from Utah to Oklahoma/Texas, Utah and Southern California and intermediate locations on these trips.  DOT# upon request, MC/ICC# upon request.

ConsolAir Inc., Dorval, Québec, Canada.  Phone: 514-422-9322, Email:, Website: www.consolair.caServing USA & Canada.  See website.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Equine Transportation Network, Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Phone: 501-620-9658, Email:, Website: www.equinetransnetwork.comServing USA and Canada.  We specialize in personal and careful attention to your horse's transportation needs.  Our routes are kept as direct as possible to limit the time your horse is onboard.  Frequent stops and layovers as needed.  Free choice food and water at all times.  Visit for additional information.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Equine Logistics LLC, Lipan, Texas.  Phone: 254-396-3633, Email: Cowhos@lipan.netServing USA & Canada.  Centrally located in Texas where we can off load and layover on cross country hauls. We have been serving North American customers for over 30 years with professional and courteous service.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

S&B Horse Transport, Washington, West Virginia.  Phone: 740-591-1129, cell 304-863-3282, Email:, Website: www.sbhorsetransport.comServing lower 48 states.  I have been hauling horses for the past 25 yrs. for myself.  I started this business in Sept. 2004.  When on the road, am in steady contact with the owner of the new horse, you never have to wonder how the trip is going.  I welcome your call anytime.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Frederiksborg Horse Farm, Inc., Yale, Oklahoma.  Phone: home 918-387-2355, cell 405-328-0027, fax 918-387-3011, Email:, Website: www.frederiksborgusa.comServing continental USA.  Frederiksborg Horse Farm, Inc. is an owner operated company.  We transport with a gn Featherlite aluminum 3 horse slant w/ removable dividers to increase room for your horse if desired.  We make frequent stops to allow your horse(s) to rest and receive water and nourishment.  We also offer transport to and from our USDA approved quarantine facility, where we perform CEM testing.  Our mission is to provide quality service at an affordable price.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Hauled Right LLC, Mountain Home, Idaho.  Phone: 866-877-5033, Email:, Website: www.HauledRight.comServing all of USA.  Your horses comfort and safety is our number one priority.  Experienced horse people both behind the wheel and in the office. Plenty of references available.  We offer monthly coast to coast runs with reasonable rates.  Layovers are included in your quote.  Self contained water tanks on board and grass hay provided.  We safely accommodate Miniature Horses to Drafts and everything in between.  We offer safe, reliable transportation along with good communication to make the trip not only secure and comfortable for the horses but for the owners as well. DOT# 1731858, MC/ICC# 0000.

Moore's Equine Transport, Inyokern, California.  Phone: 760-377-3280, Email: mooresequinetransport@yahoo.comServing all of USA.  Moore’s Equine Transport is a family owned and operated transport company with over 20 years of hauling experience.  We breed and raise foundation quarter horses and are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of horsemanship.  We currently have 17 horses on our farm, we also are well experienced and educated with all types of livestock.  Moore’s Equine Transport hauls every horse and animal as if it were our own.  Our routine consists of loading with the utmost care and concern to ensure your horse begins their journey on a good, calm foot (hoof)…..  We stop to water the horses every 2 to 3 hours and we replenish their feeders with hay at this time.  We haul the horses in between 8-10 hours per day and then stop for an overnight boarding at only the best of the best horse hotels that are clean, sanitary and secure.  We do not board at livestock sale yards or fairgrounds…  After the 8-10 hours of boarding your horse begins the next day on a fresh bedding of pine shavings, fresh food and again a calm loading into the trailer.  Our trailer is a 6 horse slant load gooseneck trailer with living quarters to keep us close by your horse at all times.  Our trailer has drop down windows, slider windows and overhead vents which allows us to regulate the temperature and airflow in the trailer.  Every stall has a ceiling to floor solid, stud wall divider which ensures the safety of your horse.  We have 2 onboard water tanks which allows us to water your horses no matter where we are stopped.  Every stall in our trailer is appx. 7’ wide and 3’ deep, we can also pull dividers out and make 2 stalls into a “box” type stall that would be appx. 7’ by 6’ for the ultimate luxury ride for your horse.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Shady Maples Stable, Blossvale, New York.  Phone: 315-245-3595, Email: DMHauling@hotmail.comServing all of USA.  Description Private individualized hauling services with personalized care for your horse.  We have 10 years experience as owner/operator of large commercial boarding facility. We offer an honest and dependable service while providing quality care for our equine friends.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Carisbrooke Transport, Stillwater, Minnesota.  Phone: 612-750-6778, Email:, Website: www.carisbrookefarm.comServing USA & Canada.  For nearly 30 years I have provided horse transportation to show barns through out the Midwest and specialized box stall service across the US and Canada.  More than just an experienced transporter, I am also a breeder of Friesian horses and a competent horseman.  Regardless of a horses monetary value, its safety, comfort and well-being is my primary concern.  In my entire history as a transporter, I have never had an accident, a traffic citation or had a horse become injured or ill while in my care.  I maintain the best record for on-time delivery and, with my constant maintenance of up to date air-ride equipment, without delays for in-route breakdowns.  I provide safe, caring and knowledgeable service for those who care enough about their horses to demand the best.  License: available upon request.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Cheyenne Horse Transportation, Leander, Texas.  Phone: 800-575-4817, Email: info@cheyennehorsetrans.comServing West Coast USA.  35 years experience. New trucks and trailers. Safe, reliable, insured.    DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

AAA Horse Transport, Lovell, Wyoming.  Phone: 208-659-8374, 208-659-8371, Email:, Website: www.aaahorsetransport.comServing all of USA.  We are a family owned and operated business.  We have been in the horse industry for 30 years and pride ourselves in taking care of your horses.  We offer single stalls to full box stalls on a professional air ride van.  We are licensed and insured.  Your horse will ride on air with always the best of care.  DOT# 1403900, MC/ICC# 539141.

Montana Express Horse Transportation, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 1-866-325-0108, Email:, Website: www.montanaexpresshorsetransport.comServing USA.  Montana Express Horse Transportation is a family owned and run horse hauling business.  I retired and decided that I wanted to haul horses.  We offer safe reliable horse transportation.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Thunder Horse Transport, Bakersfield, CA.  Phone: 661-302-6999, Email: Thunderhorsetran@aol.comServing West Coast and surrounding areas.  Small family owned company with heart.  We strive to take the stress out of horse transport.  We encourage phone communication with our clients during the transport if for nothing else just to assure them that all is going well.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Equine Xpress, Meaford, Ontario, Canada.  Phone: 519-538-5535, Email: equine_xpress@yahoo.caServing Canada & USA.  Equine Xpress offers safe reliable transportation.  All trips are direct.  Specialize in mare/foal transportation.  Trailer is a 4 horse head to head over 8 ft. high on the inside.  Side load ramp and rear step up.  Box and standing stalls available.  Hay and water is provided at all times.  Stops are every 3-4 hours. Insured and PAPS approved.  DOT# 1642333, MC/ICC# 0000.

Hoosier Equine Express, Scottsburg, Indiana.  Phone: 812-889-2030, 812-595-1904 and 812-595-0128, Email: hoosierexp@yahoo.comServing nationwide USA.  We are a family owned and operated business that is devoted to giving your equine the very best care possible.  We have bred, raised and shown horses for over 25 years.  We stop every 3 to 4 hours to tend to the needs of your horse.  Our goal is to give satisfaction to both the horse and owner in a very professional manner.  We are located in southern Indiana to serve your requests nationwide.  DOT# 1549085, MC/ICC# 0000.

Outlaw Transport, Bend, Oregon.  Phone: 541-815-7954, Email:, Website: www.horsesneedingaride.comServing West Coast of USA.  I have 7 years experience hauling horses.  My family owns and rides horses.  I take pride and care in knowing they are safe on the journey they are taking.  My utmost concern is for their safety.  You will be at ease knowing the care they are receiving during travel is what you would give them.  I will take small numbers on the trip so I can monitor them carefully.  I can be charted for horse shows, hauling horses and belongings.  My trailer is capable of 6 horse, 5 and 4.  Or it can be made into 3 box stalls.  If I bid on your haul, the number I give you is fair for the time I spend with your horse.  I am not quick or cheap but fair, honest and love the animals in my care.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Equine Transportation Services, LLC, West Haven, Utah.  Phone: 866-353-1522, 801-732-9398, Email:, Website: www.ethorses.comServing local, regional and coast to coast of USA.  We are a small family owned and operated business based in northern Utah.  We provide economical, timely and safe equine transportation locally, regionally and coast to coast within the continental United States.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

PDQ Horse Transport, LLC, Auburn, Maine.  Phone: 207-314-2310, Email: tony6747@hotmail.comServing USA nationwide.  Full time horse professional with 15 years of transport experience.  Many repeat customers from across the country.  Scheduled pick ups.  New and well maintained equipment.  Because of our size, we specialize in one-on-one service and travel the most direct route.  Less stress on your horse.  Known for transporting young horses, mares and foals.  References gladly given.  Call us for personal service.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Blackshire Equine Transport, Randolph, Minnesota.  Phone: 651-248-1317, 507-263-7510, 651-248-1315, Email:, Website: www.blackshireequestrian.comServing entire USA.  We are a breeder of sporthorses and take extra care when hauling for anyone.  Our trailers are a 4/6/7 horse WARMBLOOD sized trailers with extra tall and extra wide stalls, windows at both the front and back of each stall.  The trailers all have extra matting for leg comfort and we bed deeply in shavings.  We do have the ability to haul in box stalls for the long trips.  We stop and clean/refill water buckets every three hours and keep good quality hay in front of the horses at all times.  The primary drivers are horse people with over 20+ years in the horse industry.  The drivers are very comfortable handling stallions.  They are very quiet and experienced and have a great deal of patience and consideration with the horses.  We are a dressage/jumping facility with some of the nicest Friesian and Irish stallions in the Midwest.  We haul all over the country showing and therefore treat all of our passengers as if they were expensive show horses.  We are fully insured and we accept Paypal, Visa/MC/American Express/Discover cards.  Our drivers are completely accessible via cellular phone on each run and we are happy to give their numbers to the customer.  Through the winter months we are making monthly runs down to Texas as well as runs down to Florida.  During the spring thru fall we make at least one run to the west coast and back.  We would be delighted with the opportunity to work with you. References provided upon request.  DOT#: 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Cowboy Express, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 406-655-2276 or 1-800-982-1930, Email:, Website: www.cowboyexpress.netServing USA.  Same great company, just new owners.  We are here to meet all your horse hauling needs with extra special care.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Crossroads Transport, Columbia Falls, Montana.  Phone: 406-261-8332, 406-892-1912, Email: crossroads_farms@yahoo.comServing lower 48.  New 4 horse slant W/LQ, double cushioned floors, fully enclosed and vented, video monitor, low mileage F-350 crew cab.  Single unit company with personal care by owner of all horses.  Class one CDL with 30 years experience.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

TDS, LLC., Blackstone, Virginia.  Phone: 434-969-7366, Email:, Website: www.tdshorsetransport.comServing all of USA.  We transport anywhere in the US.  Newer equipment, experienced horse people (over 30 years).  We prefer to lay over at nights allowing your horse to rest and have some down time.  This makes for safer drivers as well.  We're not always the cheapest but you won't be disappointed.  The safety of your horse is paramount.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Trails End Equine Transport, Sale City, Georgia.  Phone: 229-336-2941, Email: trailend@bellsouth.netServing USA.  Experienced professional horse people providing quality care and service nation wide.  We have regularly scheduled routes from FL/GA going west and from FL/GA going north.  Trucks are managed by experienced horsemen/horsewomen, have mobile communications, and stop every 3 to 4 hours to check horses, water, and hay.  Trials End specializes in QUALITY transportation with professional horse people experienced in all areas of the shipping process ready to serve you.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

BGM Horse Transport, Enon Valley, Pennsylvania.  Phone: 330-281-7113, Email: bgmhtvl@yahoo.comServing USA.  Retired rancher now hauling horses.  Have hauled personal and other ranchers' horses for several years.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Rockin H Equine Handling Services, Chillicothe, Ohio.  Phone: 740-663-2650H, 740-703-7296C, 740-663-2650F, Email:, Website: www.RockinHTransport.comServing 48 states of USA.  We are an Ohio based, family owned and operated business and have been involved with, and transported horses most all of our lives.  We don't quote everything, however, when you receive a quote from us, you also get .............
Air Ride suspension for a comfortable ride
Video Surveillance for constant monitoring
Box Stalls for comfort, eliminating stiff, stocked up horses
Horses hauled loose (untied) eliminating shipping fever and tangled trailer ties 
Free Choice grass hay and water, virtually eliminating colic
Experienced, caring, hands on horse handling ( I physically walk through each stall at every break )
Direct Routing to minimize time spent on the trailer and expediting delivery
Door-To-Door service to eliminate rendezvous' at truck stops along the interstate 
Please visit our website to learn more about us!  DOT# 1588886, MC/ICC# 000.

Tender Touch Transport, Westmoreland, New York & Ocala, Florida.  Phone: 315-210-6527, Email:, Website: www.tendertouchtransport.comServing lower 48 states of USA.  Tender Touch Transport is a husband and wife team.  We do not have multiple drivers so whom you are in contact with is whom you stay in contact with.  We both have over 30 years combined horse experience.  You can be rest assured that your horse(s) will have the best care possible while they are with us.  We will meet ALL of your hauling needs.  Currently we have 3 trailers available..20' 2004 Kiefer Stock/Combo..very comfortable trailer, fully matted floors and fully padded sides..very roomy great for those BIG drafts, also a 2005 Featherlite 5 horse slant also fully matted and padded, great for horses that are in training and showing and also a 2003 4-Horse Exiss slant load.fully matted and fully padded.  Either a 2006 Chevy Silverado or a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 will pull all trailers.  All vehicles and trailers are meticulously maintained and cleaned.  Rest breaks every 3 hours with free choice hay and water at ALL Times!  DOT# 1511157, MC/ICC# 0000.

Mac's Horse Transportation, Clinton, Maryland.  Phone: 301-868-3504, 301-580-5082, Email:, Website: www.macshorsetransport.comServing East Coast to Midwest USA. Family owned and operated business of horse owners that are licensed for interstate transporting of  race horses to and from race tracks, as well as show and farm horses.  We keep hay before your horse at all times, if requested.  Frequent stops and layovers, as needed to ensure that your horse is well rested. Our first priority is the safety of your horse.  DOT# 1620389, MC/ICC# 598555.

A Plus Services, Shepherd, Texas.  Phone: 936-425-6007, Email: a_plus_services@yahoo.comServing Southeast, Southwest USA.  35 years hauling horses, training & showing.  Holding facilities available.  All new equipment.  Direct runs if needed.  DOT# 1614045, MC/ICC# 0000.

Brooks Horse Transport, Burley, Washington.  Phone: 253-720-7236, 253-857-4875, Email: brookstransport@centurytel.netServing West Coast of USA.  We have been racing, breeding and transporting horses since 1961.  We ship only in box stalls.  We ship primarily from Washington/Idaho to California/Arizona and all points between.  On two day trips we layover in the Lodi/Sacramento area.  DOT# 0000, MC ICC# 0000.

Stark Haven Farms, La Sal, Utah.  Phone: 435-686-2542, 505-636-3750, Email:, Website: www.starkhavenfarms.comServing USA.  Stark Haven Farms has been a family owned business since 1980. Born and raised on a working horse facility, I have been hauling and caring for horses my entire life.  We will go anywhere in the continental United States at our client's request. We run modern and up-to-date equipment.  The care of your horses is our utmost priority.  DOT# 000, MC/ICC# 000.

JM Horse Transportation, Menifee, California.  Phone: 951-757-8816, 951-966-9496, Email: JMhorsetransportation@verizon.netServing USA.  Our family owned business is dedicated to safety and proper horse handling.  The equipment is kept in perfect condition at all times.  Horses have been our whole life and they are where the heart is.  We are accident free for over three million miles.  We own horses and ride as much as possible.  DOT# 652870, MC/ICC# Ca.46592.

Grand Champion Horse Transportation, Avon, Indiana.  Phone: 317-437-9737, Email:, Website: www.grand-champion.comServing USA.  We offer professional horse transport personalized to your horse's needs for rest and care.  Daily communication to keep you informed how your horse is doing while enroute.  Overnight stabling, stops every 3 hours for rest.  Commercial triple axle, air-ride equipped trailer with padded floors and sidewalls.  Commercially licensed and insured.  List of references gladly provided.  DOT# 000, MC/ICC# 000.

Gone Gypsy Horse Transport, Archer, Florida.  Phone: 417-372-1911, 417-372-1289, Email:, Website: www.gonegypsy.netServing coast to coast USA.  We are a husband and wife team who started in horse rescue doing our own transport.  We offer individual care as we are a small, yet dedicated company who offers quality, not quantity.  We are experienced with all breeds, stallions, mares in foal, weanlings, etc.   We use natural horsemanship methods and are ALWAYS patient with the horses.  We offer the choice of either of our trailers.  A Sooner 3 horse slant and a Sundowner 4 horse head to head which accommodates warmbloods, drafts, and TB's.  Our Sundowner trailer can be used as a straight load or set up into 3 individual box stalls.  Hay and water is provided at all times.  Horses spend no more than 12 hours in the trailer and are unloaded each night for a good nights rest.  We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  We have a long list of references to provide you with.  DOT# 000, MC/ICC# 000.

Fred's Pony Express, Myakka City, Florida.  Phone: 941-650-1377, 941-322-2592, Email: fast50freddie@netzero.comServing 48 states of USA.  We are a small customer oriented business.  Specializing in the safe, comfortable and reliable transport of your equine friends.  We provide door to door dedicated transport as well as multiple horse discounts.  We offer new, meticulously maintained equipment for the most stress free form of transport available, using over 20 years of equine experience and the love of horses in general.  We strive to provide a premium equine transport experience.  We are conveniently located in central Florida (Sarasota).  I can be reached at 941-650-1377 or at  Thank you and I hope you enjoy your experience.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Santa Fe Horse Transport, Earleton, Florida.  Phone: 352-390-7788, Email:, Website: www.SantaFeHorses.comServing nationwide USA.  We specialize in custom transport services, where care for the horse is the number one priority. We unload each night to ensure all horses are well rested during the trip.  We feed the finest Timothy hay available.  Our equipment is brand new and our 8 horse trailer was custom built to our specifications and reflects luxury, safety and comfort for the horse.  We typically go nationwide and can accommodate most schedules.  We encourage you to call us so we can answer all your questions.  DOT# 1661810, MC/ICC# 611130.

Darby's Horse Transport, Buffalo, Texas.  Phone: 903-388-6934, Email:, Website: www.darbyshorsetransport.comServing USA.  Darby's is a small family operated transporter that emphasizes 'care' and not 'volume'.  We have been raising, training and transporting horses for over 40 years.  Our goal is not to be a 'cheap' transporter; but to be the 'BEST' transporter.  Please see our website for further information, including references.  DOT# N/A, MC/ICC# N/A.

Blue Diamond Stables, Johnstown, Ohio.  Phone: 740-809-8180, 740-403-0865, Email:, Website: www.bluediamondstables.comServing Denver, CO and everything east, north and south.  Ohio's USDA CEM Quarantine facility for import and export, all inclusive CEM rates include shipping from NY.  Custom equine transporter, top equipment, only experienced horsemen handle and drive, USDOT, M/C, FL licensed, 15+ years experience with 100% satisfaction.  We work with all breeds & disciplines in the US and 18 countries to date.  Horses are our only business.  DOT# 1578852, MC/ICC# 606730.

Competition Equine Transport, Scottsdale, Arizona.  Phone: 626-437-4806, Email:, Website: www.competitionequinetransport.comServing USA.  Full size semi, box stalls, air ride, camera system, clean well kept.  If you care about the health of your horse, only ship in cross country equipment.  DOT# 637913, MC/ICC# 0000.

Horse Jitney, LLC, Highland, Maryland.  Phone: 301-526-8273, Email:, Website: www.horsejitney.comServing east of the Mississippi.  Horse Jitney, LLC maintains two custom-built horse trailers, one Hawk 4 horse head to head with three large box stalls separated by a floor to ceiling, ventilated wall, and a 2-horse Kingston gooseneck built for the large horses and has a box stall built in.  The owner/driver is a veterinary technician and horse breeder.  We specialize in moving mares with foals and bad loaders.  In addition, we also operate a horse show shuttle in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Check out our website at  DOT# 1721853, MC/ICC# 634408.

TripleH Horse Transport, McLoud, Oklahoma.  Phone: 1-800-799-1017, 405-386-7586, Email: htransport@earthlink.netServing all of USA and Hawaii.  TripleH has been in business since 1981.  We are a horse owned operation, which makes your horse our number 1 concern.  We offer special charters, nationwide transport, quantity discounts and overnight boarding.  DOT# 850752, MC/ICC# 375100.

Hoof-N-It Horse Haulers LLC, Basin, Wyoming.  Phone: 307-254-4918, Email: hoopersbitnboardn@yahoo.comServing coast to coast in the USA and parts of Canada.  Hello.  We are a horse transporting company out of Basin WY.  We are a door to door service across the U.S.and Canada.  We have a 2007 9 horse Sooner horse trailer.  We offer slant load or box stalls.  The health and safety of your horse is #1 .  We want you and your horse to feel as little to no stress as possible during transport.  We have many references upon request.  We want the chance to earn your Horse transport business.  DOT# 1828811, MC/ICC# 0000.

Yosemite Equine Services, North Fork, California.  Phone: 559-877-7100 hm, 559-975-9507 cell, Email:, Website: www.YosemiteEquineServices.comServing primarily West Coast but will go nationwide USA.  We are horse haulers that specialize in door to door service with emphasis on the well being of your horse.  We have 45 years of experience with livestock and our drivers are educated in horse behavior, nutrition, loading and veterinary technology to optimize your horses travel experience.  We can provide layover for longer trips.  We have multiple trailer configuration to accommodate your needs; a two horse, six horse head to head and access to a 15 horse air ride van.  We can handle and accommodate your stallion.  We offer box stalls as well as single and stall and a half.  Local and Cross Country Trips.  Yosemite Equine Services also offers on call local transportation and charter loads to Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada. If you need a quick trip to a show or move a horse across the country, we are available.  We are full insured and accept VISA, MC and Discover.  Commerical liability insurance is thru Travelers of CT and cargo insurance thru Lloyds of London.  DOT# 1750915, MC/ICC# 641357.

Valoche Equestrian Transport, Marble Falls,Texas.   Phone: 707-321-0943, Email:, Website: local & nation wide USA.  18 Years of experience, we handle all types of horses.  Care of your horse is our primary concern.  We also owned our own training facility, so we know the stress of transorting a horse.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

KS Trucking LLC, Turlock, California.  Phone: 209-450-9051, Email: kshorsevan@yahoo.comServing all 48 states of USA.  We are a premium care horse transport company. Offering excellent service and equipment.  DOT# 1709336, MC/ICC# 627148.

ProRide Horse Transportation, Georgetown, Kentucky.  Phone: 866-627-7056 or 859-338-8347, Email:, Website: www.proridetransport.comServing USA.  Modern air ride equipment.  Experienced, reliable, humane horse transportation.  DOT# 1771928, MC/ICC# 646835.

Wilderness Ridge Farm, Lodi, Ohio.  Phone: 330-948-8484, Email: ajsearcey@yahoo.comServing eastern USA.  We haul with a 2008 F350 and either a 2 horse or 6 horse trailer depending on your needs.  Stops are made every three hours for hay and water.  We treat your horses the way we treat our own.  DOT# 1687733, MC/ICC# 0000.

Happy Trails Equine Transport, Clovis, New Mexico.  Phone: 888-887-2457, Email:, Website: www.happytrailsequinetrans.comServing 49 states of USA (including Alaska).  We are a family owned and operated business that has offered quality service and equipment for over 20 years.  As horse owners, we understand the concern for a safe and dependable trip for your horse(s).  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Prairiecreek Performance Horses and Transport, Sallisaw, Oklahoma.  Phone: 918-775-0156, Email:, Website: www.prairiecreekqhs.comServing all of USA.  We are a small family owned transport company that has been in business for several years.  We haul a maximum of four horses but prefer to haul in box stalls.  We provide that personal touch that some of the other guys cant offer.  We can provide private direct route service for customers that want the very best.  Our modern equipment is maintained to the strictest schedule so we can provide a safe and comfortable trip for your horse.  My trailer is a custom made reverse slant four horse that is convertible to two box stalls.  It is fully insulated with the most ventilation possible.  Hay and water are provided at all times.  I have a long list of references and testimonials on my website.  I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that your horse arrives safe and relaxed.  I am not cheap nor am I fast.  I know you have a choice and I want to earn your business.  DOT# n/a, MC/ICC# n/a.

Cowboy Express, Westerville, Ohio.  Phone: 614-397-7558, Email:, Website: www.CowboyExpress.orgServing Midwest to the East Coast of USA.  I am the owner and operator with 20 years of experience transporting horses.  I am a professional fire fighter and use my off days transporting your precious animal.  Customer service and the special care of your horse is my number one goal.  DOT# N/A, MC/ICC# N/A.

Double Deuce Ranch, Monroe, Georgia.  Phone: 770-778-1300, Email:, Website: www.haulinghorses.comServing United States and Canada.  Reliable horse transportation since 1983 with one on one care and door to door service for our customers' horses.  We are horse owners and treat your horses as we would our own.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

RockinCJ Horses, Tijeras, New Mexico.  Phone: 505-903-9594, Email: Serving USA.  I have been hauling horses for the public for over 15 years and have logged over a million miles in the last 6.  I go the extra mile to make sure your horse or horses are treated just like my own.  I have different trailers for any special needs.  I have been friends with Jeannie on this site for 4 years and really like the way she does business.  I look forward to helping you and all your shipping needs.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Griffinsburg Equine & Transport, Boston, Virginia.  Phone: 540-547-2973, Email:, Website: www.griffinsburgequine.comServing nationwide USA.  We are family owned and operated, providing premium horse transportation nationwide.  If your horses are as important to you as ours are to us, you want the safest, most reliable and experienced transportation available.  We are NOT truck drivers; we are horsemen first.  A state-of-the-art Equispirit 6 horse head to head trailer, 8' tall, fully padded stalls with water supply, fans, closed circuit video/audio TV and many years of experience allow us to provide the finest transportation experience for your horse.  Photos of horses emailed while enroute to destination.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Minard Family Horse Transport, Watseka, Illinois.  Phone: 815-383-6434, Email:, Website: www.minardfamilyhorsetransport.comServing all of USA.  Minard Family Horse transport is family owned and operated.  We have many years of experience around horses.  Our number one priority is the safety of your equine companion and customer service.  An experienced horsewoman will deal with all kinds of horses with personalized service, specializing in smaller 1-4 horse loads.  Trailer is a 2009 4 horse straight load with a ceiling height of 7'6".  The trailer, upon request, can be converted to 2 box stalls to accommodate a dam and foal, weanlings or for just more room for our horse.  We are located in Watseka, IL and, though we specialize locally, we will travel throughout the USA.  We stop every 3-4 hours to allow the horses to drink, provide hay and give their legs a rest from travel.  We are excited about serving you and your equine companion!!!  DOT# 1791219, MC/ICC# 652208.

East Coast Equine Transport, York, Maine.  Phone: 207-363-7055, 603-387-6622, Email:, Serving USA & Canada.  We offer complete equine transports services for 48 states and Canada - nationwide.  Team drivers w/over 35 years of experience.  References available.  Completely insured and licensed.  Regular routine stops are made to feed, water and rest your horse.  Layovers available.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Smart N Savvy Elite Horse Transport, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.  Phone: 276-768-7542, Email:, Website: www.snshorsetransport.comServing the continental USA.  We specialize in private hauls with box stalls for your convenience.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

McLemore's Horse Transport, Deer Park, Washington.  Phone: 509-995-2140, Email:, Website: www.McLemoresHorseTransport.comServing 48 contiguous states of USA.  Semi pulling Pegasus air ride van (18-wheeler); every stall box stall--we do not tie.  With 8'6" ceiling, can safely & comfortably transport all sizes, miniatures to drafts.  Husband & wife team; we pickup, we deliver.  Cell phone & laptop computer WIFI service to keep in contact with owners.  Many options for temperature adjustment for horse comfort in all seasons.  200 gallons water carried on board (heated in winter), plumbed to each breezeway.  Audio/video monitoring from cab of our truck.  DOT registered and compliant in all 48 states.  DOT# 1523101, MC/ICC# 568826.

Painted Sky Transporters, Stanley, New Mexico.  Phone: 530-913-1843, Email:, Website: www.paintedskyranch.netServing entire United States.  We are experienced horse people that have the knowledge and skills to transport your horses safely and with utmost concern for their care and their well being.  We have a 30 ft. in floor, gooseneck trailer with two dividing gates.  All horses have water during transport and their water is filled every 2 hours.  Horses are also allowed to free feed, on the feed of your choice, throughout transport.  The horses are also transported for no more then 10-12 hours and are then let off the trailer to rest.  We also stop every 4-5 hours to give the horses some time to catch their bearings and rest up a bit.  It is our goal to transport your horses safely, comfortably and in a timely manner, in hopes that you will recommend us to your friends or use us in any of your future horse transporting needs.  DOT# upon request, MC/ICC# upon request.

Ramirez Equine Transport, Mira Loma, California.  Phone: 951-217-8479, Email: ramequitrans@yahoo.comServing western states of USA.  We are a family owned business that is experienced and caring to meet your horse transportation needs.  We are very dependable and reliable.  Being in the horse business for many years has allowed us to gain the knowledge and experience to take excellent care of your horse while in transport.  We offer a weekly trip from Southern California to Northern California and Oregon.  We also offer scheduled trips to cover the Western States.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Douglas Horse Transport Ltd., Pitt Meadows, BC Canada.  Phone: 866-642-8546, Email:, Website: www.horsehaulin.comServing Canada & USA.  Horsemen serving horsemen!  We offer you a smooth care-free ride in a 15 horse air ride trailer.  Our drivers have over 30 years transport experience.  View our website at if you would like further information on pricing and future trips.  DOT# 1531531, MC/ICC# 570664.

Bluegrass Shippers, Henderson, Kentucky.  Phone: 812-746-8107, 812-484-6768, Email:, Website: www.bluegrassshippers.comServing coast to coast USA.  Horsemen who drive trucks.  Our drivers are lifelong horsemen who will care for your horse as if it were their own.  Bluegrass Shippers is based out of Kentucky and provides reliable transportation from coast to coast.  We stop every two to three hours to water/ check on horses.  We operate and maintain only the newest of equipment so your horse arrives safely in style!  References are available upon request.  When time is running out, we're there without a doubt!  Choose Bluegrass Shippers for all of your transportation needs.  DOT# 1805908, MC/ICC# 656495.

Singing Hills T&B/Dealer Transport, Salem, Oregon.  Phone: 503-680-3808 cell, 503-656-7205 barn, Email:, Website: www.singing-hills.comServing USA & Canada.  Ship your horse by a professional horseman with over 25 years experience in state of the art air ride, custom built horse trailers.  Single stall, stall and a half or box stall configurations available to cater to your personal needs of your horse(s).  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Clay Hill Farms, Bath, New York.  Phone: 607-794-2164, Email: sttrans25@yahoo.comServing Northeast to Midwest of USA.  Family run company with safety and comfort of the horse our main goals.  We have a 4 horse stock trailer and F350 for equipment and over 20 years experience with horses and hauling.  We offer dedicated runs which limit the time the horses are on the trailer.  We stop frequently to check on the horses and offer them water, etc.
DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

M & Z Transport, Mesa, Arizona.  Phone: 480-223-7963, 480-216-4191, Email: opokaz@yahoo.comServing coast to coast USA.  We are a retired husband & wife team (Mike and Zelda).  Previously, Mike was a livestock hauler for a large company.  Hauled all types of livestock coast 2 coast.  Presently enjoying retirement, but enjoy transporting livestock more (meeting incredible animals), meeting/helping people (incredible people 2) & travel (what fun, huh!!).  We are very blessed.  We have a mini ranch in AZ with 40+ animals.  Each one is very special to us and to our entire family.  Our goal is to give quality service at a fair price allowing us to provide your animals (family members) with the care & concern during travel that they need and deserve.  We honestly provide proper rest times, feed & clean fresh water during transport.  While we are transporting your animals, we are NOT in a hurry to schedule our next load, we don't have to be.  We contact you daily with updates from the day we pick up, during travel & thru delivery.  We are honest dependable people that believe that "YOUR word is YOUR bond"!!  We hope that we can help you with your transport needs.  Thank you for considering us and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for references.  Thank you: M&Z.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Diamond D Pony Express, Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  Phone: 918-740-6481, Email:, Website: www.diamonddponyexpress.usServing USA.  When safety & care are most important, rather than a fast ride.  Here is the hauler to use.  Our trailer is an 8 horse trailer that is 45' long.  Our stalls are 4' across the front & 7 1/2' tall.  There are vents on the top in every stall, with a front & back window.  This extra ventilation keeps the trailer cooler than most.  We are accomplished horse handlers and truck drivers.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us.  Many references on our website.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Rustic Blue Horse Transport, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Phone: 204-793-1445, Email: rusticblueranch@gmail.comServing Canada & United States.  Rustic Blue Horse Transport has been safely transporting horses for 20 years.  Our experienced horsemen/drivers are reliable and our first priority is the comfort and safety of your horse(s).  We are licensed and bonded to handle transportation of horses within both Canada and the United States.  (Canada license #'s) DOT# SK 1999, MC/ICC# 298 EGT.

Woolverton Mountain Transport, Clinton, Arkansas.  Phone: 501-208-3766, Email: woolvertonmttran@aol.comServing nationwide USA.  Woolverton Mountain Transport is a small full time services owned and operated over 15 years of animal transport.  We strive to make every customer and animal, by providing him with a kind care and hospitality.  We offer transport and care of all horses including weanlings, mares w/foals, stallions and XL horses.  We are able to do this because of the unique design and construction of our trailer.  The 2004 Equispirit Classic Elite XXL head to head is one of the safest and roomiest trailers made and is designed to accommodate even the largest horses comfortably.  Each straight stall is completely padded and is 3 1/2 feet and 7'6" long w/head dividers.  Overall interior height is 7'8".  The 4 straight stalls convert into 2 full size box stalls.  The trailer is fully insulated for winter warmth and summer coolness and furnishes the quietest ride.  Call us today and we will discuss the transport needs of your horse.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Patrick Dotson Equine, Lexington, Kentucky.  Phone: 859-509-3746, Email:, Website: www.dotsonhorsetransport.comServing lower 48 states of USA, focusing on the east coast.  All air ride equipment, two drivers in each truck who keep in contact with people regarding the horses and their location.  The pinnacle of customer service combined with true horsemen and excellent, well-kept equipment, Dotson Equine will be the last transporter you ever need to call.  DOT# 1564713, MC/ICC# 580036.

Winds West Transportation, Inc., Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Phone: 541-281-7651, Email:, Website: www.equinetransportation.netServing all 48 states of USA and lower Canada.  We are a family owned and operated equine transportation company with accumulative 20 + years in transport/horse industry.  We have runs scheduled on a monthly basis and have professional drivers who not only know 'how' to drive but understand the needs of the horses onboard.  We operate new trucks and custom built trailers for maximum reliability and comfort.  DOT# 1833611, MC/ICC# 0000.

Oak Meadow Farm and Transport, Stillwater, Minnesota.  Phone: 651-491-2999, Email:, Website: www.oakmeadowfarm.netServing nationwide USA.  Oak Meadow Farm and Transport has been a family owned horse business since 1976.  We work with horses everyday between shipping, training, showing, lessons, to trail riding.  We work with and transport all horses.  Right now our rig is a Hawk, 6 horse head to head with mid-entry and rear-entry ramps.  The stalls are divided top to bottom.  The trailer is also 8.5 wide and 8' tall.  This is as wide as it gets and as tall as you will ever need for you horses comfort.  We can also open up two stalls to make a big box stall if your horse needs.  We pull this trailer with a new F-450 to make sure you horse will safely get from point A to point B.  DOT# 1845757, MC/ICC# 668539.

Thunderin' Hooves, LLC, Pendleton, Kentucky.  Phone: 502-255-7602, Email:, Website: www.thooves.comServing coast to coast USA.  Over 20 years experience transporting horses, late model equipment, fully licensed and insured.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Elite Equine Express, Rosebud, Montana.  Phone: 406-853-2239, Email: eliteequineexpress@hotmail.comServing all 48 states of USA.  Elite Equine Express has over 15 years experience with equine transportation.  We have gained the confidence with many repeat customers due to the quality, care and handling of their horses.  Your animals will be transported with a 2008 F450 King Ranch dually truck pulling an Elite 8 horse slant load trailer fully enclosed and insulated for added comfort with rear & side loading ramps.  Look forward to doing business.  DOT# please call for, MC/ICC# please call for.

Waltenburgh Shipping, Sacramento, California & Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Phone: 916-216-5817, 604-866-7162, Email: waltenburgh@gmail.comServing USA/Canada.  I'm 40 years old and I have a clean driving record.  I have been shipping horses for 20 years.  I have shipped all over the USA and Canada.  Last year I shipped 90,000 miles and was in 22 states and across Canada 2 times.  I'm a licensed horse trainer and driver.  I worked with standardbred horse all of my life.  I have a 3 horse and 6 horse slant trailers, so I can ship any size loads.  For the last 4 years, I have been shipping horses for the Amish from California and British Columbia Canada to Indiana, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.  If you book with me, you will be happy with the condition of your horses.  I love all horses.  I treat every horse as it is mine.  I can provide references with names and numbers of people who I have shipped for.  Contact me for this information and I will be happy to send it to you.  Happy Shipping!!  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Coulter Transport, Louisburg, Kansas.  Phone: 352-804-8206, Email:, Website: www.coulterhorsetransport.comServing Midwest to both coasts, regular trips to Florida, California and New York.  Coulter Horse Transport is a quality horse transportation company that has been federally certified since 1999.  We offer air ride, video monitored, head to head trailers with commercially certified drivers/horsemen.  We offer quality shipping (not cheap shipping) to the discerning customer, who desires their horse to get to their destination comfortably, safely and expeditiously.  DOT# 1017668, MC/ICC# 0000.

Ole Cutter Farm, Inc., Decatur, Texas.  Phone: 786-255-3852, Email: olecutter213@cs.comServing all of the USA and export to Central & South America.  We have over 20 yrs of experience in the horse industry.  Our trucks & trailers meet USDA inspection standards.  Some of our customers include AQHA presidents (local & abroad), national & international Paso Fino champions, Brazilian reining champion, Olympic contenders & everyday pleasure horses.  DOT# 1786861, MC/ICC# 0000.

B Lazy K Equine, Alpharetta, Georgia.  Phone: 404-386-9970, Email: BLKEquine@hotmail.comServing to & from the Southeast from all of USA.  25 years of experience in the horse business.  Animal Science degree holder.  Video monitoring during trip.  I prefer to haul horses direct to their destination.  I don't put extra miles on your horse.  I know your horse is a part of your family so I treat him/her as part of mine.  Extensive show experience, discounts for round trips.  Credit cards excepted through PayPal.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Emerald Horse Transportation, Enumclaw, Washington.  Phone: 866-913-2080, 253-315-4403, Email:, Website: www.emeraldhorsetransportation.comServing nationwide USA.  65' luxury van with air ride/video monitoring and Dodge Dually with three horse slant load.  Nationwide service or locally in WA area.  DOT# 1594541, MC/ICC# 589916.

Cornerstone Equine Transport, LLC, Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Phone: 715-362-6333, Email:, Website: www.cornerstone-transport.comServing 48 states of USA.  Smaller professional shipping company with 2-3 large box stalls.  Special designed equine van with air ride, fans and camera.  Walk through option for the driver.  Nice van for two day trips.  I'm based in WI and would prefer to have trips starting or ending here.  Lots of experience with all breeds.  DOT# 983045, MC/ICC# 516862.

Diamond S Transportation, Heartwell, Nebraska.  Phone: 308-830-1590, Email: jeri-22@hotmail.comServing USA & Canada.  Diamond S Transportation, a south central located company, can transport in the continental United States and Canada.  We have over 3 years independent experience and over 15 years experience driving with other companies.  All drivers have 30+ years horse handling experience and are horse owners themselves.  We have many connections across the US and Canada to provide safe and friendly stopping points for exercise, watering and feedings.  We run with both DOT authority and commercial licenses.  Our drivers have very clean records and make sure your needs are not only met, but are met to your standards.  We stay in contact throughout the shipment by mobile phone.  For a professional and personal experience, call us and we will send Mike, A.J. or Larry your way.  DOT# 1499869, MC/ICC# 563448.

Gold Buckle Transportation, Dalemead, Alberta, Canada.  Phone: 406-465-9458, 403-936-5654, Email: goldbuckle92@gmail.comServing USA & Canada.  I have hauled horses successfully for thirty years.  I stop every night and I'm an extremely safe driver.  DOT# 1701898, MC/ICC# 0000.

GBF Enterprises, Inc., Brooks, Maine.  Phone: 207-333-2580, Email:, Website: www.equine-transport.netServing 48 states and all of Canada.  We're from Maine and travel all over the US and Canada.  Our rig is an '07 Western Star and an '09 8 horse Jamco slant load w/padded stalls.  The trailer is built extra wide and tall so we can give comfort to ANY size horse.  Box stalls and layovers are available upon request for an extra fee.  Sharon has 50 yrs. horse experience and Ben has 40 with livestock of all kinds.  We both have CDL licenses and have operating authority w/FMCSA for our company.  We are affiliated with East Coast Equine Transport and you can find out how our partnership works on our website listed above.  There is also a picture of our equipment on the web.  We hope you'll enjoy our service and we look forward to serving you.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have about our service.  Thanks for considering us, Ben and Sharon Charrier.  DOT# 1355453, MC/ICC# 520108.

Big Sky Horse Transportation, Billings, Montana.  Phone: 406-798-3369, Email: bigskyhorsetransportation@yahoo.comServing nationwide USA.  I have worked and hauled horses for years for the family business and have decided to go out on my own.  I really enjoy working with the horses and meeting new people.  I keep hay in front of them at all times and stop every 3 to 4 hours to offer them a drink and to let them rest.  I drive a 2006 Chevy Duramax 1 Ton and pull  a 6 horse  Sundowner trailer with a drop down ramp for easy on and off for the horses.  I also have an air ride suspension fifth wheel hitch for a nice smooth ride.  We encourage communication with us so we can put your mind at ease and let you know how your horse or horses are doing on the trip.  All trips are direct.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Turtle Creek Horse Transportation, Newsoms, Virginia.  Phone: 757-653-6488, Email:, Website: www.turtlecreekmules.comServing continental United States.  We specialize in horse transportation throughout the United States.  With over thirty years of experience in handling and hauling horses, we provide the best transportation and care available for your horse.  I am a fourth generation farmer and we know animals.  Our goal is to deliver your horse safe, sound, and happy.  We offer the following services to meet your transportation needs.....temporary boarding and layover, 24 hour emergency transportation and horse transport anywhere in the continental United States.  We guarantee a stress and worry-free transport for both you and your horse.  DOT# 0000, MC/ICC# 0000.

Sport Horse Transport LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Phone: 877-456-HAUL, Email:, Website: www.sporthorsetransport.comServing western 11 states of USA.  Sport Horse Transport is a West Coast based hauling company specializing in hauling of Sport Horses. Our drivers are experienced horsemen, used to handling high end sport horses.  At Sport Horse Transport, we know that your sport horse is not only an investment, but your friend.  Each time your horse rides with us, you will know they are in the best care possible.  Our drivers & staff are above all else horsemen.  With a back ground in (but not limited to) training, shoeing, handling and of course hauling sport horses. Our drivers are also experienced in handling any type of horse from babies to stallions, jumpers to reiners, pleasure horses to the beloved trail horse and everything in between.  DOT# 1858941, MC/ICC# 672641.


Emergency Rescue Alert

We have known many who bought a horse without taking into account the financial and physical demands which owning a horse requires and as such many times a horse is deprived proper food, affection and care. If you or someone you know is looking to give a free horse to a good home please contact us.  We have rehabilitated and trained many neglected horses and provide fantastic homes for them in student classes, trail riding and other clinics.

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