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My name is Keith Groves and I am a second generation custom wood worker/carver with 45 years experience in residential, ranches and corporate planning, building and repairs. View My Horse & Ranch Carvings

My specialty is custom cabinets design/installation but I also hold a masters electrician license and have spent many years working on 3.5 million dollar homes as a lead carpenter ensuring proper code was met during installation processes. As such, you can be sure any job I perform for you will meet or surpass code and safety requirements. I also work as a horse trainer in Raleigh, you can read about my Keith Biography phone 919-706-8953

WHO WILL SHOW UP? Once a contract is signed many companies outsource some or all of their work to outside contractors and in many cases you never even meet the person doing the work till they show up at your door. I believe choosing a handyman is much more than just making sure they have the proper skills to do the job, you also want to feel SAFE around the person and since some jobs can take long periods of time you want someone who is enjoyable to be around as well. Those are the main reasons why I do not outsource ANY of my work, from start till finish you are guaranteed the person you met and agreed to do the work is the person who will actually be doing the work. Personal Resume

PAY AS YOU GO?  I am an old fashion guy who believes if someone provides superb workmanship then there is no need to ask for full payment of labor up front. A days labor should be a days pay, so no need to break the bank buying materials AND labor all in one day. I offer hourly or by the job options but both come with ability to pay for labor day by day.
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EMAIL  919-696-5175
I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to discuss options and prices on your repair/renovation needs and whether large scale modifications which require reading blueprints or small repairs I am ready to put my skills to work for you. A References packet is included at our initial meeting along with photos of the work done for those individuals and corporations.

During our initial meeting I will also provide you with computer based media to browse customized cabinets, mantles, tiles and other nice features I have put into multi-million dollar homes which can be installed into your home for a fraction of the cost. SAMPLE some of the wood carvings I have done for clients. Any of these designs can be carved into or installed onto your fireplace, doorways, mailbox, cabinets etc.

Leaky Faucets, Toilets and Window Repairs are the main reasons true handymen are called yet far too many companies advertising as handymen seem to frown upon (or not even respond to) calls for leaky faucets. If someone cannot or will not respond to fix a simple leak I certainly would not trust them renovating an entire bathroom. No matter how small the repair I am happy to come when called (discounts for seniors and military).

Wallpaper was not my first choice of handyman skills to learn but over the years my wife has kept me busy installing and updating our various rooms with the latest and most artistic papers to hit the market. If your looking for great textures to accent your antiques or a rustic woodsman appearance for your husbands den let me offer you some great ideas for any space your looking to update.

Got a Lose or Broken Lock needing repaired? or need a lock installed on a bedroom door or kitchen cabinet? How about a keyless lock for your garage side door? A simple latch system to keep kids or pets from getting off your porch or for your trash cans to keep dogs out of them? There are a number of ways to use simple to advance latch systems around the house you may never have thought about but are quick, easy and very cheap to install.

Paint Services I offer include interior and exterior drywall patching, plastering, ceiling repairs and painting. If you have a baby on the way and need a whimsical theme or kids moving out and want to get a fresh coat to hide marks I can match your current homes colors or offer fresh new choices. Paint is also the most dramatic way to instantly improve your homes appearance for putting it on the market for sale and I can offer soft neutral color tones which appeal to the largest group of buyers for the area you are selling your home. Which brings us to the next item listed below...

Putting Your Home Up For Sale? Anyone who watches Designed to Sell on HGTV or Design on a Dime knows the difference between having your home sit on the market for months or years as opposed to selling within a couple weeks can be as simple as some inexpensive design changes around the house. Me and my partner can offer you various house updates and you can pick and choose from assorted features and price options as simple as cabinet painting, changing handles, updating countertops, changing large vanity to small pedestal sink to make room appear larger etc.

Iron or Wood Fence Repairs.  Services include portable welder for patching broken iron fencing or I can patch wooden fencing, Decks and color match if painted. Old fence removal is also offered as well as installing entirely new fence around perimeter of house or fencing around porch and decks. If your selling your house decorative accent caps on your fence posts can add great curb appeal. If your on a tight budget and fence is shabby a tall wooden fence along the front of the house will give appearance of a complete update while a coat of paint on rear fence will make it look a little more modern.

Tile Work is also offered at very reasonable rates and there are some great looking tile options to choose at your local building stores starting at just 75 cents per square foot. New synthetic materials are available which look and feel just like tile for even greater savings. If you are going to update bathroom or kitchen floors and walls you might also consider switching to a tankless electric water heater. They heat water as you need it and you never run out of water if taking long showers. Great for large families with multiple bathrooms.

Automatic Popup Sprinkler Systems now cost only $14 per sprinkler head and four will maintain an average size front yard plus gardens. You can choose from timer systems or a simple valve handle to turn on or off manually. If you already have a sprinkler system which needs fixing or want to upgrade to the latest water conservative heads I can install for you at very reasonable rates.  Read More

Need A Truck and a Mover? Got a trip planned to the nursery and needing a truck to move lots of plants or supplies? Need to bring a mower from a building center or building supplies? I will move what you need in the bed of my truck and provide muscle to move it if needed. I can also provide basic lawn maintenance, pruning trees and bushes. Got a big to do list?

Having worked most of my life as a supervisor on building sites ensuring proper code was maintained during the building process I offer upon request Mini-Inspections to spot dangerous and out of code items such as improper/dangerous deck railings, improper wiring fire hazards, potential or active mold  issues, foundation and brick water penetration causing damage and mold, insufficient insulation, improper step height trip hazards etc. If you already have gotten an official inspection this would be a good second oppinion type of look over for added piece of mind.

If you own a building company specializing in kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms and need a good supervisor or installation specialist feel free to call to setup a time to meet. If you are a local hotel chain or apartment rental service and needing an on call handyman you can reach me anytime at


MY TRAVEL AREA includes Raleigh Apex Carrboro Cary Chapel Hill Durham Holly Springs Knightdale Morrisville and Wake Forest. I will travel outside these areas for certain jobs. If your outside these cities you might check my links pages for a listing of area contractors which may go outside this service area.

Bull Riding Protective Vests
The Lambert Master Pro and the Lambert-Barstow Bareback Pro are the choice of top cowboys. Cody Lambert, the originator of the rodeo protective vest, ...
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Bull Riding Protective Vests
The Lambert Master Pro and the Lambert-Barstow Bareback Pro are the choice of top cowboys. Cody Lambert, the originator of the rodeo protective vest, ...
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Spur'N Conversations: Bull Riding Gear
Phoenix Performance Bull Riding Protective Vests. Pro-Max-2020 � http://www.usrodeosupply.com/Shop-Rodeo-Gear/Phoenix/Model-2020-Bull-Riding-Vest ...
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We have all your favorite styles of bull riding vests as well. Here at Ugly Face, we know from experience how tough it is to buy the very best rodeo ...
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Bull Riding Gear
PV2014 - Phoenix Finalist Rodeo A fully padded and adjustable neck roll is designed to reduce neck and head extension during rough rides. ...
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Saddle Barn -
Pro Rodeo Bull Riding Gear We offer a wide variety of bull ropes in right and left hands with your choice of tails. Bull pads and gloves for the advanced or ...
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We offer complete bull riding gear packages from beginner to pro and can make it work with your budget. We staff full time experienced bull riders that have ...
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